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       arlin Marble's expertise in porcelain showers is unrivaled in Florida, with our skilled fabricators crafting customized solutions at our Lake Placid facility. Porcelain showers offer numerous benefits that clients appreciate:


Elegant Design

Porcelain showers feature intricate veining and patterns, crafted during the manufacturing process, to mirror the allure of natural stone. Whether for shower walls, or accents, porcelain showers elevate the aesthetics of any bathroom space.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike traditional tile showers, porcelain requires minimal upkeep. The non-porous surface resists stains and mold, while the grout-free design eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and tedious scrubbing.


Porcelain showers are renowned for their toughness, standing up to daily use without chipping or scratching. Their resilience ensures longevity and maintains a pristine appearance, even in moisture-rich environments.

Porcelain Vanity.png

Tailored Solutions

With porcelain showers, customization is key. The manufacturing process allows for a wide range of colors and shapes, ensuring that each shower is tailored to fit the client's unique style and space requirements.

From shower walls to floors and beyond, Marlin Marble's porcelain showers combine exquisite craftsmanship with practicality and style. Experience the beauty and durability of porcelain showers for your next bathroom renovation, and transform your space with timeless elegance.

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